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Few Days In Harrogate

This week we have been visiting hubby’s family in Harrogate. We had a good journey up on Monday and were there by lunchtime. We didn’t do much in the afternoon, just visited the local pub for a quick drink. We sat in the beer garden as we had the dog and children with us, but it was a bit nippy and kept raining.

Tuesday we walked into Harrogate and through to the Valley Gardens. Think we visit this place every time we go to Harrogate, it has a fantastic children’s play area. On the way we spotted this carved tree.


It had a little door in the bottom of it, which led to lots of imagining who could live there.


As the Tour De France visited Harrogate and the surrounding area in July there was lots of references to it everywhere. Lots of yellow bikes hanging off buildings, in hedges and leaning against garden walls. Also lots of mini jersey bunting on houses and between trees. It all made the place very colourful.


After the boys had worn themselves out in the play area and I’d had enough of sitting around in the cold watching them, we headed to the nearby Wetherspoons for lunch. It was really busy in there, but luckily we got a table in the Family Area. All our food came quickly, despite how busy it was, and we all enjoyed what we had. My hot chocolate topped with cream went down particularly well!

Wednesday started with much excitement, watching the boys on Newsround with Dr Who (see my previous post). Then we walked to nearby Starbeck to visit hubby’s nana, stopping off at a play area both going and coming back. The play area is right next to Daleside Brewery and it smelt lovely, just like being in Cardiff when Brains are brewing.

Thursday was the only day of the week we’d planned in advance. We’d booked to go to Lightwater Valley So after watching the second part of the boys on Newsround we set off. Again it was a grey and chilly day, we didn’t realise quite how cold it was until we got there.

This was the first time we’d taken any of the kids to a theme park and we were a bit worried that there wouldn’t be much for Ben, but we needn’t have been. We went on pretty much every ride that we could, there was only one that hubby and Dan went on on their own and The Falls of Terror that Ben was too small for, but Dan, Olly and Hubby went on it. We all went on the other water ride, Wild River Rapids, twice, which meant we spent most of the day with wet bums! Ben loved every ride that he went on, that few centimetres over a metre tall made all the difference. There was a good number of smaller children’s rides too.



After we’d been on all the rides we headed towards The Angry Birds Land, which is basically a play area with Angry Birds themed climbing frames. There’s also an Angry Birds Space part which is indoors and it’s quite dark. A good place to have a rest and let the kids run around.


Next to Angry Birds is a Birds of Prey Centre and we timed it just right to catch one of the flying displays. They got two owls out, a little one and a really big one, sorry can’t remember what breeds they were. The handlers walked around the area telling us all about them and getting them to fly over our heads, had to duck quite a few times. Unfortunately it did start raining while we were sat there and we were frozen, so afterwards we let the boys have another run around in the play area and another go on a couple of the nearby small rides. Dan, Olly and I had another go on the Skyrider, which is the chair swings on long chains which go round and actually go really high. It’s one of my favourite rides.

We had a fantastic day and the boys are still talking about it, we will definitely try and go again in the future.



Friday, we watched the final part of the boys on Newsround (it’s been an exciting week and the clips are on the Newsround website) and then it was time to head home.

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