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Tredegar House

A few years ago the National Trust took over ownership of Tredegar House & Gardens in Newport (it was previously owned by Newport Council). Since they took over my parents have been working there as volunteers and really enjoy it.

They were working today, so as it looked like it would be dry this morning, I decided to borrow mum’s car and go and visit.

We had a wander through the gardens first and they had deck chairs and games out on the lawn.



Then on to the stables where they have some toy horses that the children can ride.



We headed into the House and looking out of the windows it looked like we’d timed it just right – it was pouring down! We didn’t look at everything as we have been a few times before, but I can highly recommend all the rooms. They are so ornate, it’s amazing. In one of the rooms there are some games set up on the table which you can play, Dan and Olly had a quick game of draughts. There’s also a big dressing up box, with a few wigs, which Dan enjoyed having a rummage through.


They also all had a play in the shadow puppet theatre, Ben and Olly seemed to particularly enjoy that one.

As it was still raining we had a quick look around upstairs. This time one of the rooms was set up as a school room, with a display of photos of when Tredegar House was a school. The other rooms are set up as they would’ve been in the 1920’s when it was still used as a home.

We made our way back downstairs and into the kitchen, which of course is huge! They had a few bowls of crushed spices which you can stir around. Dan was having a good sniff of everything.

Back outside it was still raining and it was starting to thunder. The boys still wanted to run around in the park and go to the play area, Dan had been carrying his football the whole time. They pretty soon gave in to the fact that it was a bit wet and cold and we all decided to go back to the car.

An enjoyable few hours and I would highly recommend a visit.


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