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Brecon Beacons

Today I helped on Dan’s school trip to the Mountain Centre in the Brecon Beacons.

It was a very long and hot coach journey, with a few of the children complaining of sickness. Unfortunately the coach driver took a wrong turning which made our journey a little longer and we arrived later than planned.

Once everyone had had a toilet break, the first class went for a little walk with Ranger while our class had a look in the small wildlife garden and had a play on the climbing frame. It was lovely and sunny when we left Cardiff, but was quite chilly and drizzly in the Beacons. Was wishing I’d put my jeans and boots on not cropped trousers and sandals.


It was then our turn to have a walk with the Ranger. He took us just over the road onto the common and walked a little way up. He told the children a few things about the National Park and pointed out Pen Y Fan (which was hidden in cloud). He showed them some of the flowers and plants including rush which he showed them how to strip. Rush used to be dried and burned as an alternative to candles.


There was a large stone in the ground which was used to tell people when the shortest day was. Apparently if you stand at the stone and look at the gap between Pen Y Fan and whatever mountain is next to it, the sun comes up right in that gap on the shortest day. It’s the only day of the year it comes up in that exact spot!

It was then the moment they’d all been waiting for – lunchtime!

I had a little wander and had a look in the shop and visitor centre. When walking back I noticed someone had left cake behind on a table and a few birds were having a feast.


After lunch there was enough time for another runaround and most of the boys played football. Then it was back on the coach and back to school in time for home time.

I’m exhausted!


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