Life, The Universe & Everything

…He has purple prickles all over his back.

This morning I took Ben on his first visit to the theatre. We saw The Gruffalo (in case you hadn’t guessed!). It was only an hour long performance, which was long enough for the age of the audience. It was very cleverly, but simply, done, with only three male actors playing every part.

It has to be one of the noisiest audiences I’ve ever experienced though & I have been to quite a few children’s shows. I don’t think the chatter and yelling stopped once throughout. It actually made it quite difficult at times to hear what was being said on stage.

Overall though I think we both enjoyed it. Ben especially enjoyed the loud roaring at the fox part.

If you go, beware of the overpriced merchandise. A picture of the Gruffalo on a stick was £4 and a small cuddly mouse was £10. I didn’t see what anything else cost, but it was all more than £10. I couldn’t believe people were actually paying those prices.

I bought our tickets using theatre vouchers that my in-laws gave us for Christmas. We also used them to see 20th Century Boy, a musical using T Rex music about Marc Bolan’s life, on our Anniversary where we had front row seats. It was really, really good, with all the music being played live on stage. Loved all the costumes, they all did very well to walk and dance in very high platform boots (including the men).

Dan & Olly got to see Horrible Histories:Barmy Britain a couple of weekends ago. They mostly enjoyed it, but a part in the second half (which is done in 3D) where a dead Elizabeth I sits up and her head turns into a skull, completely freaked them out. Danny was still wide awake at 11.30 that night complaining of being too scared to sleep. As the show had an age guidance of 5+ years, I wasn’t best pleased.

So thank you mother-in-law and father-in-law we have all very much enjoyed our Christmas present.

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