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Morning Walk

It was a lovely morning today, so I thought I would go for a quick walk around our local lake after dropping the boys off at school.

It’s a lovely place and I always think we’re very lucky to have it so near to us.  There was only a couple of dog walkers and a jogger, otherwise I was all alone.

Lots of new babies on the lake, which is always nice to see.


photo 2

The swans have 8 cygnets this year and they all came over to see me, obviously thinking I had some food.  Sorry to disappoint!

photo 3

I don’t know what these yellow flowers are, but there’s lots dotted all around the place.  It’s a nice splash of colour.

We had an evening at the lake a couple of weeks ago with the Cub Pack to do a bit of pond dipping.  I went along to help out and took Ben & Olly too.  Everyone had a fantastic time, luckily it was beautiful weather.  We were amazed by how many different little insects we found, lots of little fish and quite a few things we couldn’t identify! It’s obviously cleaner than it looks.  :-)


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