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Making A Comeback

Feeling inspired by Jennie’s return to blogging the other day, I’ve just decided I should really try and make a comeback too.  Admittedly I hadn’t realised quite how long it’s been.

I notice in my last blog Oliver had just been invested into the Beaver colony, since then hubby became an Assistant Cub Leader and is now the Group Scout Leader for our local Scout group.  I’ve been roped into sitting on the Executive Committee and seem to spend most of my time trying to think of fundraising ideas (if anyone’s got any good ones, let me know).  Life has become quite busy and very Scout-y!  We’ve made a few new friends along the way though and will hopefully make many more.🙂

Today is Ben’s 4th Birthday.  We took him bowling for the first time yesterday as a treat, which he thoroughly enjoyed (as did Dan & Olly).  Today he had the morning in nursery and then spent most of the afternoon playing games on his new tablet.  We couldn’t do much for him today as hubby was helping at both Beavers and Scouts from 5pm onwards.  So bit of a rushed tea and blowing out of the birthday cake candles.



Ben has had a year in nursery now and will be starting Reception in September, so I will have full days to myself! Can’t wait!

We have recently put our house on the market as we could really do with somewhere bigger, so I’ve had to put the glass painting on hold and try and keep everything as tidy as possible.  I’m still crocheting though when I get time, although I find it so relaxing that I sometimes struggle to keep my eyes open!  


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